Big Pharma Sales

Opponents to Yes on 1 will say that vaccines aren't a big money maker for

pharmaceutical companies or that they don't have a role in policy making.

We beg to differ.  

A 2008 study by Harvard School of Public Health shows how pharmaceutical lobbyists play a role in State Vaccination Policymaking: representatives proposed specific legislation, often drafting the bills and searching for a sponsor. In most states, their efforts focused on a

school-entry mandate.

Respondents pointed out that Merck’s activities were not unusual, although the public seemed to have been unaware that private companies played such a role in the legislative process. One commented,


Just about every vaccine mandate that we have lately has been the result, at least partially, of the drug industry’s efforts."

According to this Forecast of the Vaccines Market, the global vaccine market is expected to hit nearly 


by the year 2024.  "The pediatric patients segment accounted for the largest share of the global vaccines market in 2018."

Merck -  just one of the handful of vaccine manufacturers in the world - released in their 2019 4th quarter report that their sales of Human Health Vaccines grew by 15% to



Yes on 1 opponents have received nearly 



for 3 weeks of ad-space paid for by Big Pharma Vaccine Manufacturers Merck and Pfizer. 

That sounds like Big Money to us.  


And who stands to make an even bigger profit when their product is mandated?  

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