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800 volunteers

3 months

95,871 signatures collected

Why Vote Yes on 1?

The Yes on 1 Campaign is an unprecedented grassroots People's Veto effort led by Maine parents on behalf of all Mainers. It’s an effort to overturn a new law, LD798 (ch. 154), that was pushed through our legislature by Big Pharma despite overwhelming opposition from the citizens of Maine, and then quietly signed into law by Governor Mills in May of 2019.


LD798 is the most punitive and overreaching vaccine mandate law in the nation and removes both children and adults from school (public, private, parochial, online and trade schools, colleges and universities) and employment (daycare and healthcare workers) if they are missing even one dose of a required vaccine. LD798 prohibits Mainers from exercising their right to decline one or more required vaccines, eliminating the religious and philosophical exemptions that our state has always had. 

We, the people of Maine, will have the opportunity to vote YES to reject this draconian law and preserve fundamental rights in our great state. 


A YES vote is a vote to: 

  • Reject Big Pharma and gross governmental overreach

  • Restore equal access to education for all children and adults

  • Preserve informed consent, bodily autonomy and medical freedom

  • Defend parental rights

  • Preserve religious freedom


Watch the September 18 press conference and petition delivery!

What is a People's Veto?

The Yes on 1 Campaign is a grassroots People's Veto effort to overturn a law passed by our legislature that is not the will of the people. 

A people's veto is a provision allowed by our Maine constitution that gives citizens the opportunity to repeal a piece of legislation. The qualification process is extremely difficult:


  •  Petition must be filed within 10 days of the close of the legislative session in which the law was enacted

  • Maine registered voters must collect a total number of citizen signatures equal to 10% of the last total gubernatorial vote = 63,067 for this petition

  • Signatures must be verified by each individual town/municipality before being presented to the Secretary of State

  • Deadline for signature submission is 90 days from legislative adjournment

  • Signatures must be deemed valid by the Secretary of State and meet or exceed the minimum threshold for the law to be placed on the ballot

Your donations are needed now more then ever! Please help our grassroots campaign defend our state from Big Pharma.

All donations directly support campaign expenses. 

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